Botox® is perhaps the most popular medical product to infiltrate the general public in the last decade. Initially it was tried and endorsed mainly by celebrities, but nowadays, since being used widely and safely in cosmetic clinics for over 15 years, almost everyone knows someone who has used it!
One of the greatest advantages of Botox® is its versatility - it can be tailored to meet someone’s requirements exactly, without causing an overall “deadpan” expression.
Don’t let the fact that needles are involved put you off – at worst it is described as ”uncomfortable”.
If done by one of our specially trained doctors, who can determine exactly where and how much to administer, you should achieve a relaxed, wrinkle-free look that is completely natural looking, and you will still look like you!
You may have earned every one of those lines, but now you no longer have to live with them.


If you have any of the above conditions that can be improved with Botox® or if you would like to delay the onset of lines and wrinkles on your face, call us at Evolution Aesthetics for a full evaluation and advice, and expert treatment by our experienced aesthetics doctors.